About Michelle Boyd


Michelle is a wife, mother, and impressionist artist based in Austin, TX. She has invariably been an artist at heart, growing up as the "artsy fartsy" one in her family. She first fell in love with dance as her creative outlet, and then medium format film during her wedding photography years, but she is finally where she knew she'd eventually end up: with lots of glorious paint and a brush in her hands.

She has always been drawn to the beauty of God’s creation, and is most moved by the unending intricacies and possibilities of florals. Her current body of work is an exploration of paint on raw canvas showcasing the shapes, colors, movement, and feeling from flowers in a garden- some of which she's been able to grow herself in her humble Texas backyard. She loves gathering women together in community, cooking, reading, and getting her wiggles and giggles out with her two kids. 

Photographs by the amazing Jenn Dillender Photography