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New Studio Tour: Part 1

This has been such a huge year of growth for my artistry, my business, and now our physical home space! I never imagined that this space would become real. I still enter the new space everyday in disbelief that I don’t have to spread everything out over my kitchen, dining, and living room tables anymore! (And the cherry on top is we’ve finally converted the old studio room into a proper guest room / playroom, and it’s become our favorite room in the house.) 
Rather Than Capturing, I Get to Create

Rather Than Capturing, I Get to Create

...I spent years viewing people, places, and things through a camera lens. The transition to viewing those same moments through a paintbrush and palette, and translating onto a canvas, felt beyond natural. My love of film photography and it’s soft, pastel, light-infused colors flowed right into a love of dreamy color palettes, soft blooms, and the interplay of light that you see in my current work...
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My 2019 Dreams

I may be a bit late to the game (I know it's February already!) but let's talk studio dreams and goals for this year! Partly because I believe in accountability, even if it's the world wide web, and partly because I've been so encouraged by seeing other artists share their big goals - it pushed me to jot mine down, too! So I'm hoping this can be a little encouragement for someone else out there in the process. 
The Start of My Painting Story

The Start of My Painting Story

I want to share the beginning of my painting story with you.

The past year has gone by SO unbelievably fast and I haven’t really been able to process or share what this transition has meant for me.  For the past 28+ years, I have been an artist. Every kind of crayon, colored pencil, watercolor, paint, you name it- I’ve experimented with it. It has always been a hobby...