My 2019 Dreams

Michelle Boyd Studio - Austin Floral and Abstract Oil Painter - Austin Artist - 2019 Dreams

I may be a bit late to the game (I know it's February already!) but I wanted to share some of my studio dreams and goals for this year! Partly because I believe in accountability, even if it's the world wide web, and partly because I've been so encouraged by seeing other artists share their big goals - it pushed me to jot mine down, too! So I'm hoping this can be a little encouragement for someone else out there in the process. 

Have a booth at an art fair or craft show

      This is one of those goals that makes me slightly giddy! There are a few local shows and fairs in and around Austin that I’m applying to this year, and I’m hoping to be accepted to at least one of them. The prep work for a show, painting pieces specifically for it, ordering collateral, ordering prints, packaging everything all beautifully, doing the math so I know what to bring, building a beautiful booth… that stuff THRILLS me. I have lots of new paper goods and stickers and business cards alllll designed and ready to order… as soon as I get my first acceptance letter! (And duh, it is scary to put this hope out there, but what’s the point of sharing your goals if you don’t share the scary ones, right?)

      Hire part time help
        I can’t even contain my excitement for this one. She knows who she is, and I’m just waiting on her to move to Austin so we can MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!! 

        Launch 2 distinct collections

        In the past I’ve launched about four collections a year, but I’m recognizing my priorities have changed this year! (Hello baby!) To honor my time with my little girl, I’ve purposefully cut back on my painting goals. But I’m REALLY excited for the first collection, based on Roses, which is already in the works :) Probably going to have a release date of early summer.

        Write 10 blog posts

        Oh hey! One down, nine to go. 

        Have at least one professional shoot in the studio

        I had the pleasure of working with a couple of professionals last year to get most of the editorial photographs you’ve seen on the website and Instagram, and I can’t wait to do it again this year. Artists, if you’re considering having yourself and/or your process documented, I could not recommend it highly enough!! From a business and systematizing standpoint, having a couple galleries of photographs I can run to for social media posts and beautiful website content is practically priceless. While I can document as I work and share those behind-the-scenes process photographs daily, I can’t do it every day as it can slow me down and be distracting as I paint. 

        Show work in a local ATX spot

        Ummm this goal terrifies me! But I have hope! 

        Complete “How to Draw Modern Flowers” book

        I purchased this book just before Christmas and loooveee it. Y’all know I already love flowers, and painting them feels like home to me. But I have a ton to learn still, and drawing flowers is a whole different ball game. It feels very foreign to me, so I’m looking forward to learning by working through Alli Koch’s beautiful book! I highly recommend it. 

        Work on at least one collaboration 

        I love working with other artists and businesses, and a little collaboration is hopefully already in the works!! I am sooo excited about this. Let’s just say that if you love art and babies, keep your eyes peeled. 

        Partner and support an organization with proceeds from sales

        Currently researching how to partner with a specific local organization. Can’t wait to share more soon! 

        Begin backyard studio renovation! 

        This is a HUGE one for us. From the moment we purchased our house in 2017 we have been dreaming of starting this project. We have a detached garage which could be the most perfect space for a studio (not to mention we could have a play room / guest room in our house!), but it is in need of some serious work. Anyone know any general contractors in ATX, shoot me an e-mail! ;-) 

        With all my love, 

        Michelle Boyd Studio - Austin Floral and Abstract Oil Painter - Austin Artist - 2019 Dreams